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Why you should choose to fly with us?

Created in 1986, Prevol is an FFVL approved school and a landmark of the French paragliding world. Over the years, we have developed a genuine Prevol philosophy and culture.

An ideal location, well-tried logistics, and a tailor-made teaching method are just some of the reasons why choosing us won’t be just a lucky coincidence.

Our close-knit team, made up of passionate and driven instructors and employees, will be delighted to welcome you.

For us, flying is not just a technical sport, it is an understanding of our environment but also an extraordinary way to deepen your self awareness.

How to choose your course?

If you want to start or resume paragliding, there are several possibilities, see the « Start » section.

If you have already flown during a beginner course, and you wish to continue your training, or simply fly, or even take your Initial pilot’s licence (Brevet initial Ippi3) visit the « Autonomy » page. (Advanced 1, Advanced 2, Advanced Zen)

If you wish to go further, improve your thermalling skills, discover new sites, travel, fly cross-country, take your pilot’s licence (Brevet de Pilote or Ippi 4), or even your confirmed pilot’s licence (Brevet de Pilote Confirmé or Ippi5) check out the courses in the « Fly More » section (Thermal, Cross Country, Travels).