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Beginner’s courses

A progressive training course guiding you to your first solo flights.


First step of the learning process, this course is aimed at all those who wish to learn the technique of flying a paraglider.


Our paragliding training courses take place over full days during which we alternate between flight sessions, ground handling sessions, debriefing and theoretical courses.
The ground handling sessions on a grass training hill allow you to acquire the basic techniques necessary to take off.
The tandem flight, as an educational tool, is used depending on the conditions. It gives you the opportunity to simulate reality and rehearse your first solo flight.
The first major flights take place at the St Hilaire site with radio assistance (unless weather conditions force us to change sites).
Throughout your training, we will give you theoretical lessons in line with your level of progression.

Level: Beginner

Warning for the weekend courses
The beginner weekend course takes place over two weekends, the first weekend corresponds to the introduction to ground handling and the tandem flight. During the second weekend, we go back to the training hill if necessary, and continue onto the first solo flights, if the required level is reached.

Remarks and registration
When registering, choose the first weekend, INI 1.
The registration for the second part of the course is done automatically the following weekend: INI2 (except in exceptional cases).


1 instructor for 6 pilots, and 2 if more than 6 on the training hill.

2 instructors for flight sessions (regardless of the number of students).


Week : low season : 700 € – High season : 730 €
(high season from the 4th of July to the 26th of August 2022)
Week-end : 308 € Each weekend,  616 € for the 4-day course
INI 1 =1st we, INI2 = 2nd we

Advantageous rate with the Training Pack

When the course is full, you can contact us to register on the waiting list.

Learn the basics of paragliding without the stress of flying solo.


An excellent way to discover paragliding, the discovery session combines learning the skills to take off on a grassy hill with the pleasure of a tandem flight.


Over the course of a day, a ground handling session (about 3 hours), and a tandem flight with an instructor.

Level : beginner

Teaching & guiding : 1 instructor for 6 pilots on the training hill, and 1 instructor for the tandem flight.

Booking : please contact us by phone: 00-33-4-76-08-71


170 €

Learn the basics of paragliding without the stress of flying solo.


This short course gives you the opportunity to discover paragliding in an active way.
The ground handling sessions will introduce you to the techniques of piloting on the ground and at take-off, the tandem sessions will allow you to appreciate the pleasure of flying and the basics required to control the wing.


Over 2 days, each day, you will do a ground handling session and a tandem flight.
The first tandem flight allows you to discover paragliding.
The second tandem flight allows you to fly with the instructor.

At the end of this course, if you wish, and if your level allows, you can continue your progression in a beginner course and eventually go onto solo flights.

Level : beginner

Teaching & guiding : 1 instructor for 6 students on a training hill, and 1 instructor on tandem flight

Booking : please contact us by phone: 00-33-4-76-08-71


300 €

Progressive learning that will lead you to your first big solo flights.


The training in private lessons is based on the use of the pedagogical tandem flights. If you are looking for more personal training or if you cannot devote several consecutive days to a course, the individual training will adapt to your desires and your rhythm.


– 3 educational tandem flights (to be validated depending on progression)
– 2 1/2 days of ground handling
– First solo flight if the required level is reached
– Maximum duration 6 hours per day

Level : Beginner

Teaching and guiding
1 or 2 pilots for one instructor for the training hill, the tandem flights, and the briefing.

2 instructors for the solo flight.

Booking : please contact us by phone: 00-33-4-76-08-71


Private lessons for 3 days
1 person 800 €
2 persons: 1200 €

To discover paragliding, to improve your ground handling skills, or to make a technical evaluation.


2 to 3-hour sessions to discover the basics, refine your front and reverse launch or to make a technical evaluation.

Level : Pilot after a beginner’s course or without any flying for an extended period.

Teaching and guiding : 1 instructor for 6 pilots

Booking : please contact us by phone: 00-33-4-76-08-71


75 € per session

If you are a beginner or if you want to continue to progress, consider buying our « training pack »
= 10 days of training + 2 free days
This training program should bring you to a level of « Brevet Initial » or « Brevet de pilote » depending on your starting level.
This means being able to fly in calm conditions on a familiar site for the Brevet Initial, discovering active piloting and being able to manage the balance of the glider.
And for the « Brevet de pilote », to fly on any type of site, to choose your site depending on the conditions of the day and to fly in autonomy in ascending conditions.

It is up to you to choose the pace you wish to follow to complete the 12 days of training in our courses
Example of a 12-day course
* Beginner 1 course of 5 days
* Advance 1 course of 5 days
* 2 days on an Advanced 2 course at the weekend
The courses do not have to be consecutive, so remember to register for each course you choose. This course can be done at the weekend or during the week.

Booking : we’ll give you the option to buy your « training pack » at the end of your first beginner course

Level : any course level

Price : 1410 €
No additional reduction when you use a Trainning Pack ( own equipment , group, …)

Here are our different options to start flying:

The Beginner’s course, weekend or week, is the classic formula to start your training, if you have the opportunity, it is always preferable to take a week long course so that you stay in the zone on consecutive days.

The Individual training allows you to learn the activity in three days, adapting the days depending on your availability.

The discovery formulas, sessions or training courses, in order to get a taste of the activity.


Our team has always been innovative in its teaching methods. We constantly question our teaching techniques in order to make them evolve following our knowledge and equipment evolution, we discuss and harmonize our pedagogy during our meetings throughout the year.

Our location

Our premises are less than 2 minutes’ walk from the take-off, which for many years has allowed us to exploit every possible flight window.

We have several training hills, one on the plateau and the other in the valley next to the landing area. They allow us to adapt to all types of weather conditions and have become real tools for progression on the ground.

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