Courses for further flying – Prevol Parapente

Courses for further flying

Improve your thermal flying skills and discover a multitude of paragliding sites.


For pilots who are autonomous at take-off and on landing who wish to learn or improve thermal flying.

The Program

In-depth weather analysis.
Learn to find and exploit lift.
Refine your technique and sensations.
Optimize flight in lift.

Theoretical courses on aerology, weather, piloting techniques, incident management.

If the level is reached, possibility of validating the Pilot’s licence (Ippi card 4 / Brevet de Pilote :autonomy of the pilot in thermal flying on all types of sites).

Level : Brevet Initial and current season flying experience

Guiding : 2 instuctors for 7 pilots.


Weekend : 272 € with your own equipment
Week : Low season: 650 euros – High season : 680 euros
(High season from the 4th of July to the 26 of August 2022) 

Good deal with the Training Pack

When the course is full, you can contact us to register on the waiting list.

Learn how to prepare, carry out and analyse your cross-country flights in a friendly atmosphere.


Classic XC: for autonomous pilots in thermal flying who wish to learn and optimize distance flights
Expert level XC  : for cross-country pilots who want to learn how to optimize speed on the course (through mental preparation, strategy, piloting and analysis)


In depth weather and topographical analysis in order to choose the most appropriate site of the day and prepare a course.

In flight guiding by the instructor to be as relevant as possible.

GPS debriefing: track logs are downloaded onto a computer and visualized in 3D animation.

Depending on the day’s task, we can determine which were the best route options, the best line choices and give you a truly relevant feedback.
During the flight analysis, positive recognition of your mistakes will enable you to progress 🙂

Theoretical courses cover mental, strategy, piloting, aerological analysis and equipment.

We provide a Flymaster tracker to follow you live, it’s a plus for safety but also for recovery. Our recovery shuttle is efficient and friendly.

– 1 instructor in flight and one driver for 6 pilots max.

– 2 instructors, one in the air, and the other on the ground for 7 pilots max.

Required Level

Classic cross-country course with pilot’s licence. Autonomous in thermals while taking responsibility for safety. (analysis, fatigue, equipment, turbulence, active piloting). Able to fly for 2 hours.
Expert cross-country level as for the classic cross-country course, plus: we ask that you be able to cross country 50 km alone and fly more than 4 hours with (at least) a B+wing.


Weekend : 288 €
Week : Low season : 690 € – High season: 720 €
(High season from the 4th  July to the 26 August 2022)
Good deal with the Training Pack

When the course is full, you can contact us to register on the waiting list.

Imagine, dream, learn, share…
These words are an invitation to live an adventure, they are also at the origin of our passions.
If they mean anything to you, we invite you to experience them with us during our stays abroad.

Nicolas’ country of adoption, Italy, is a beautiful destination between sea and mountains. Different options are possible between dynamic flights on the Adriatic coast, discovery of the plain in the Apennines or thermal flights in the Alps north of Turin.
Italy is also the visit of majestic sites in the Umbria region without forgetting its culinary flavours.

Itinerant trip over the northern half of Italy. After a short passage on the Italian Alps, we will make you discover the centre of Italy between the Mediterranean and the Adriatic, on the Apennines range. This mountain range offers many possibilities for free flight enthusiasts thanks to grassy take-offs, wide valleys and generous sunshine.
You will have the chance to fly in thermals between the plains and the mountains while enjoying beautiful end-of-day renditions at sites such as Castelluccio de Norcio or Monte Cucco.
For the days when we would not fly, possibility to discover the Apennine Chain and the Park of Monte CONERO.

Guiding : Nicolas Mennel + Cédric Gosselin ( Prevol Parapente instructors)

Booking : Please contact us

Dates : from the  10th to the 16 th of September  2022

Required level : Brevet initial (20 flights minimum) and an experience of thermal flying

Price : 1125€ 7 days, transport and equipment included, accommodation and meals not included

Prevol organises the paragliding supervision and the travel to the site, accommodation and meals are to be provided on site, at the trainees’ convenience.

When paragliding becomes an excuse to travel…

It is not by chance that Gilles and Martial have selected this destination, Colombia is the ideal country to combine paragliding and travel. After having spotted the area during previous trips, they wanted to share this country full of charms with you.

You will have the chance to fly in the mythical Cauca Valley, where the town of Roldanillo hosts many stages of the Paragliding World Cup (PWC). This valley, framed by two mountain ranges, offers weather conditions particularly favourable for thermal and distance flying. It further offers exceptional conditions for both mountain and flatland flying, allowing you to diversify and perfect your activity.

Guiding : Gilles & Martial

Booking : please contact us

Dates : Not yet confirmed (around January 2023)

Level : Cross country pilot

Price : to be annouced

A strategic location

Our premises are located at the take-off point of Saint Hilaire du Touvet. During our courses, we can choose to fly in Saint Hilaire and take advantage of the site and the diversity of the possible routes, or to leave for one of the many sites in the area. This strategic location ensures that we can offer flights adapted to the aerological conditions and to your level.
Depending on your needs, we have several training slopes, one on the plateau and the other in the valley next to the landing area, which can be used for all types of conditions and become real tools for progressing on the ground.
Our two computer equipped classrooms allow us to carry out debriefings (videos, etc.) and theory lessons in a pleasant atmosphere.

A competent team

Our team has always been innovative in its teaching methods. We constantly question our teaching techniques in order to make them evolve according to our knowledge and new equipment, we discuss and harmonize our pedagogy during our team meetings throughout the year.

Our team is above all a team of instructors who are passionate about distance flying. Outside the courses, you will regularly see them in the air.