Parapente BGD Lynx 2

4150,00 4325,00 

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The LYNX 2 is our lightweight EN-C wing. It has excellent cross-country performance with a high comfort factor for its class. It is made to inspire confidence in even the strongest flying conditions, and to keep you safe while you find your wild side in the mountains.

We chose a 2.5-liner hybrid design for this wing for several reasons: a fully fledged two-liner would need more supporting rods in the sail, leading to a larger pack volume. We wanted the LYNX 2 to be easy to pack down super small for hiking and racing.

The Lynx 2 is also much easier to ‘mush’ in for a safe top-landing in a wild place, as the three-liner layout in the glider centre gives a large brake range and forgiving stall characteristics. It’s also amazingly easy to launch.


Données techniques

Facteur d’échelle0.920.9611.041.08
Surface projetée (m²)16.517.819.521.222.9
Surface à plat (m²)19.521232527
Poids de l’aile (kg)
Longueur totale du suspentage (m)209226247268290
Hauteur (m)6.777.37.67.9
Nombres de suspentes principales (A/B/C)3/3/3
Allongement à plat6.2
Allongement projeté4.6
Corde centrale (m)
Envergure à plat (m)10.911.311.812.312.8
Envergure projetée (m)8.799.59.910.3
Vitesse bras hauts (km/h)39
Vitesse accélérateur (km/h)58
Taux de chute mini1
Poids Total Volant (kg)60-7570-8575-9588-108100-120*
Homologation (EN)C